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We should have known Snoop Dogg would come through on his word. After the Los Angeles Lakers claimed the 2020 NBA Finals championship on October 11th, Dogg returned on his promise and got a tattoo in honor of his favorite team. Prior to the win, which is the team's 17th championship, Dogg promised his fans on October 11th via an Instagram Live that he'd get a tattoo for the Lakers if they won the NBA Finals. Once the win was secured, Dogg took to Instagram once again and later posted a video getting tattooed by the legendary Mister Cartoon.

"I got a birthday coming up, this is one hell of a birthday gift. I gotta go get that tattoo though," Dogg shared on his IG Live. "I told N***s if the Lakers won I gotta go get a tattoo. So, that’s next. Cartoon get your needle together, so you can strike up, I may get the Larry O’Brien [Trophy] or something.”

An hour after sharing a teaser video of himself in Cartoon's tattoo chair, Dogg posted a video of the finished product. The tattoo is on his right forearm and begins at the wrist with an homage to Kobe Bryant (who passed away nine months prior in a helicopter crash). Then Cartoon added the Larry O'Brien championship trophy, the Lakers' logo and the gates of heaven at the top.

This is Dogg's fourth tattoo, following a portrait of his wife by Cartoon on his bicep, a portrait of his cousin Nate Dogg by Cartoon on his left forearm and a symbol/letter on his left bicep.

What do you think of Snoop Dogg's new tattoo? Would you get a tattoo for your favorite team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section on social media.