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Many of the most popular Pokémon can do fantastic and magical things. Pikachu does that cool thing with the lightening. Charizard can fly and breathe fire. Squirtle... well, I guess it squirts? But Snorlax stands out from all the rest in that his power lies in his ability to do absolutely nothing at all. 

I'm sure that somewhere in the creative process somebody asked primary character designer Ken Sugimori what he was thinking designing a Pokémon who basically does nothing but sleep all day long. After all, the concept sounds completely ridiculous on its face. Yet, like with so much of what Sugimori created, Snorlax ended up being completely beloved by Pokémon fans. 

You can't really blame them, Snorlax is just so damn adorable. All the rather large fella wants to do is sleep. But in the few hours of the day when they're awake, Snorlax eats mass quantities. Entire farms have been ravaged by their ravenous hunger, but how can you be mad at that face? You cannot. 

The official description of Snorlax from his very first appearance in Pokémon Red and Blue reads as such: "Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps. As its rotund bulk builds, it becomes steadily more slothful." Hell yes. Get it, Snorlax. 

Despite not being one of the top tier Pokémon, Snorlax gets a ton of love in the tattoo community. There are so many creative Snorlax tattoos out there. Many are cute, some are hilarious and a few of them are downright scandalous (looking at you Steven Compton). When it comes to Snorlax tattoos, just like Pokémon, you gotta collect 'em all!