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Gabi Grecko is a 29-year-old influencer best known for her marriage to Australian millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten, who is also 75-years-old. Back in 2014, Edelsten announced that he planned to marry Grecko, who was 46 years his junior. The pair married a year later, however, they soon split.

Since their split, Grecko has started a rap career and in the process, met American hip-hop artist Surf School Rico. And in addition to her new partner, Grecko has also added a new tattoo to her collection. On May 12th, Grecko announced to her 73,500 Instagram followers that she'd gotten a face tattoo: which is a sizeable cross under her right eye. This is the second cross tattoo Grecko has inked on her body and her first "jobstopper" that she's added to her collection.

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