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A little bit of motherly advice can make for the perfect tattoo. It's a creative way for a child to show how much they love the woman that brought them into the world, not to mention, a great way to carry their spirit with you at all times. Up until now, this is pretty much the only way we thought about these very specific types of tattoos. Then Hunter Rooks blew our damn minds. 

Rooks had texted with his mother, Donna, to get some advice on what type of tattoo he should get. His mother responded with some wisdom that was well thought out and very sensible. She texted her son the following: "If you dont have a need for one dont get it. Tattoos are for something important [sic]."

Hunter, who we assume is a bit of a handful, went and got one of the most sarcastic and hilarious tattoos that we've ever seen. 


Talk about throwing your mother's words in her face. Thankfully, Donna had a great sense of humor about the entire thing. "When [Hunter's girlfriend] sent me the picture of her with it, I just couldn't believe he would do that," Donna told LadBible. "Hunter knows I am not normally a fan of him getting tattoos but honestly I love it. It is an example of our fun-loving relationship and I'm happy if it makes him happy."

It's awesome that Hunter's mom is in on the joke. Although, he probably should have done his mom a solid and thrown a couple of apostrophes in there. I know that my mother would haunt me for years if I quoted her with some grammatical errors... But that's also part of the charm, isn't it? Way to go Rooks family, you made us smile.