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Social media has programmed our celebrity-obsessed minds to expect every little beat in a celebrity's life to be broadcast for the world to see. Millions of followers expect to be able to live vicariously through every vacation to the Maldives, every magazine cover photoshoot and, you guessed it, every tattoo session. We're no different, we are writing this article after all. But with that in mind, it's a breath of fresh air to watch a star like Sophie Turner go about things a little differently. 

Turner, star of "Game of Thrones" and wife of pop sensation Joe Jonas, has become the queen of the subtle Instagram reveal. Like most people, she wants to share life events on the 'gram, but as a celebrity, she also knows the feeding frenzy that can occur when she lets private details slip to her more than 15 million followers. 

So when most folks would dedicate a timeline post to getting a new tattoo celebrating their baby girl, Turner snuck her tattoo brag into her Stories with no fanfare at all. 

Sophie subtly sharing her "W" tattoo. Photo from Instagram. 

Sophie subtly sharing her "W" tattoo. Photo from Instagram. 

The tiny "W" on her wrist is likely a tribute to her daughter Willa who turner welcomed into the world this past summer. Of course, this is merely an assumption since Turner didn't loudly boast about the ink, but it seems a pretty safe bet to make. Particularly because the tattoo is just below a tiny "J" representing her husband. 

While we are always proponents of large-scale work, especially for those with access to the world's best artists, the delicate new tattoo fits Turner perfectly. We look forward to seeing more of her ink in the future, even if we have to keep our eyes peeled to actually catch it.