After only dating for a few weeks, rapper Soulja Boy and model Blac Chyna went their separate ways. Arguably, a relationship that was doomed from the start, many believed that Boy was only dating Chyna to spite Tyga—the father of her son King Cairo. However, despite their whirlwind romance, Boy decided to get a permanent reminder of their rocky relationship.

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On Valentine's Day, amidst breakup drama, Boy got Chyna's name tattooed on his arm. The tattoo is her last name, Chyna, in script next to a small red rose. Boy didn't report who inked the tattoo, however, in the past, he's gotten tattooed by celebrity artist Romeo Lacoste.

Following their breakup, Chyna called Boy "immature" and "thirsty," whereas, Boy admitted to TMZ that he'd started seeing the former stripper because "[he] just wanted to see what the pussy felt like." Sounds like the couple may have just gotten together for the publicity. 

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And while the two have appeared to have gone their separate ways, Boy's tattoo is still very much intact. It appears that in addition to removing his Gucci tattoo, the rapper will likely be lasering off his ex's name as well.

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