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March 19th marks the Spring Equinox, a time in the Northern hemisphere where the days get longer and the weather begins to get warmer. Spring is characterized by April showers which bring May flowers, but flora isn't the only new life this season brings. This is also a time where many animals come out of their winter hibernation and introduce their new offspring to the world.

In honor of the coming Spring, we're celebrating the new season with some of our favorite tattoos which represent this time of year: flowers, animals and of course, plenty of rain. Take a look at the seasonal tattoos in the gallery below and let us know your favorite season on social media.

Spring Flowers

Flowers are one of the most typical characteristics of Spring and the flowers you'll see in the next few weeks depend on your surrounding. Growing up in Vermont, I became accustomed to seeing many wild and planted flower varieties in my backyard, from Tiger Lilies to Daffodils to Irises to a big Lilac bush at the end of the field.

Baby Animals

Many animals choose to have their babies in the Spring because the rainfall, longer days and warmer weather promotes plant growth—which means more food to go around. Back in Vermont, it was common to see baby bunnies or if you were lucky a fawn with a doe, however, now that I live in New York I suppose baby pigeons are kind of cute.

Rainy Days

During the Spring, warm weather promotes water evaporation and as the water rises, it collects in clouds until those clouds become too heavy and precipitation occurs. Rain is common in the Spring in almost every part of the country, but especially in areas with high humidity—such as the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast and New England. As a native Vermonter, we experienced every part of the four seasons and because of all the rain that comes in the Spring, we were even gifted a fifth season: Mud season.