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If you don't know about "Squid Game," well, where the hell have you been? "Squid Game" is an international phenomenon and it's currently Netflix's most watched series to date, beating out "Bridgerton" with 142 million watchers in the first month.

"Squid Game" was created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, who also directed and wrote every episode of the series. The show is named after a popular South Korean children's game and follows a man, given the number 456, who enters a contest to get out of debt. In this contest, members must play children's games in order to win the grand prize, however, in this game the consequences are deadly.

Many of the show's actors gained international acclaim through this series, including Lee Jung-jae, who portrays 456, Park Hae-soo (number 218), Jung Ho-yeon (number 067) and O Yeong-su (number 001).

The series gained critical acclaim upon release, instantly becoming one of the most buzzed about phenomenons of 2021. Many of you may have seen "Squid Game" costumes this Halloween, but fans' dedication to this series goes beyond that. In fact, many diehard "Squid Game" lovers have shown their appreciation for this show through tattoos. Take a look at some of our favorite tattoos inspired by "Squid Game" in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on the "Squid Game" in the comments section on social media.