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Stained glass is a style of art most associated with religious and medieval imagery. The earliest recorded use of stained glass was in ancient Egypt, but the stained glass we are most familiar with originated in the 10th century with the construction of Gothic cathedrals.

While stained glass is heavily associated with religion, it’s not where my mind goes first when I think about it. To me, stained glass windows will always be iconic because of their use in the opening narration of the 1991 Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast.” Ever since, I have been captivated and obsessed by this dazzling and colorful medium.

Making stained glass windows is quite tedious, but when done right, it creates awe-inspiring and sublime works of art. Glass is heated up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and metallic powders are added to stain the glass to its desired color. Once the mixture has been flattened and cooled, the glass is ready to be cut into the desired pieces. Fun fact the blueprints used as guides for a stained glass window is called a cartoon. Learning is fun!

Today artists push the limits with acceptable subjects to feature in stained glass art. It’s not unusual to see artworks depicting modern pop culture characters, like Princess Peach or Daria, as saints.

Stained glass is no longer bound to just windows, but lamps, wind charms, wall hangers, room dividers, and yes, people even get stained glass tattoos. To celebrate this gorgeous and breathtaking medium in all its glory, we found the best tattoos that deserve their own frames. Let us know your favorite stained glass art on social media.