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Yesterday we took a little time to indulge our darker natures. It was fun to spend some time on the Dark Side, but in the end, we've always been rebels. Much like our buddy Luke, once we saw Princess Leia pleading for help, we were ready to jump full fledge into an intergalactic civil war. 

Sure, Darth Vader looks pretty cool, but give me the swashbuckling rogue Han Solo any day of the week. And who needs Boba Fett when you're rooting for a Wookiee to rip his arms right out of his stupid bounty hunter sockets? We haven't even started talking about the droids!

I'm a firm believer that the true hero of the entire saga is R2D2. Artoo is pretty much in the middle of all the action and he (She? They? Not sure if droids have genders, but he has so much personality that Artoo sure as shit isn't an "it.") saves the life of damn near every major character at least once. 

Cue the music, grab a tall glass of blue milk and get ready to some tattoos featuring our favorite rebels.