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Of all of the holidays that have been made up by Big Greeting Card, May the Fourth is one of the very few that we actually enjoy. First of all, while it's name may be a very bad dad joke, May the Fourth is actually clever. It definitely made me chuckle the first time I heard it. 

More than that, we're huge nerds here at Inked, and by looking at some of the most popular tattoos out there, we're far from alone. There are Star Wars tattoos of major characters like Luke, Leia and Han. There are Star Wars tattoos of minor characters like Wicket, Boba Fett and all of the droids. And there are roughly a bazillion tattoos of a certain child. 

Star Wars was the first movie franchise to absolutely dominate all of pop culture. In addition to ranking millions at the box office, Star Wars films have been merchandised like no other. Hell, I remember taking Star Wars vitamins when I was a kid. Yogurt was definitely correct when he talked about how important merchandising was... 

Naturally, there are thousands of Star Wars tattoos out in this galaxy. This writer's very first tattoo was the Imperial logo on my shoulder. It's old and faded now, but it means as much to me as these films did while I was growing up. As all of the Star Wars movies have meant to generations of kids, and a hell of a lot of adults too. 

While this May the Fourth will likely feel subdued as we're locked down like the Rebel base on Hoth once the sun set, that doesn't stop us from enjoying a gallery of amazing Star Wars tattoos. 

May the Fourth be with you.... always.