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 In 2015, tattoo artist Ashley Love created the inaugural Still Not Asking For It flash event to "work toward awareness, prevention & recovery from sexual assault and rape," through tattoos. Prior to creating the event, Love was sexually assaulted by a coworker and "realized the lack of true sympathy for sexual assault and rape survivors, in her tattoo community." However, this unfortunate circumstance fueled her fire to help others and create a space where people could not only get tattoos, but have the proceeds be donated to charities that support this cause.

Today, dozens of shops across the United States, Europe, Australia, and South America hold a Still Not Asking For It flash event every year on June 9th. And so far, $367,000 have been raised globally since 2015.

Out of Love's unfortunate experience, both as a survivor of sexual assault and the apathetic response of the tattoo community, came an event which has impacted thousands of people worldwide. But, if you were to ask Love, she'd likely tell you that this is only the beginning of Still Not Asking For It and we've got a ways to go as an industry.

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