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The number of businesses that are effected by shutting down to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is astronomical. From tattoo shops to bars and restaurants to barber shops to nail salons, an enormous amount of the workforce has been told to stay home for at least a couple of weeks. This has been leaving many workers without any clue where there next paycheck may be coming from. In some cases, this has led to some very interesting innovations, like how this strip club in Portland, Oregon, has rebranded themselves. 

The very concept of social distancing is antithetical to the business model of a strip club. Yet, with the world shut down, Shon Boulden, the owner of Lucky Devil Lounge, thought of a way to keep people employed AND bring a smile to the face of many Portlanders. Why not have scantily-clad ladies deliver food straight to your door? Throw in a fantastic pun title for the business—Boober Eats—and things were ready to go.  

The process is simple. You go to their site, order some food (Tuesday is Mini-Corndog night!), maybe some beers, pay the $30 delivery fee and in no time two dancers accompanied by a driver/security guard will bring your food to your doorstep. Now, don't think that things are going to get VIP backroom levels of crazy, everyone will continue to maintain the six-foot social distancing required by the CDC. 

The delivery fee might be a little steeper than what you're used to, but it's been split between all of the club's staff to help get them through this crisis. Much like tattoo artists, strippers are most often independent contractors, not employees of the club they work at. Thus, they are ineligible for unemployment benefits. Even when the entire industry is forced to shut down during a global pandemic. 

Boober Eats is a fun way to support entertainers who are not only struggling to deal with the idea of a global pandemic, but also facing economic uncertainty. Times like this are when we can really show people what a loving community looks like. 

And if sense of community isn't enough to move you, when else are you going to be able to have a bunch of chicken wings and a couple of Rainier tallboys delivered to your house by a pair of gorgeous, tattooed dancers?