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The New York City subway system is one of the city's most notorious locations, spawning outlandish tails of both fact and fiction. During the 1980s, the subway was one of the most dangerous mass transit systems on the planet and over 250 felonies were committed there per week. Today, changes have been made to make the subway a safer place, however, that hasn't stopped the weirdos from flocking to it.

Everyone who's spent a decent amount of time in the city, especially longtime residents, have a handful of crazy subway stories and one Instagram account has taken it upon themselves to curate the best of the best. SubwayCreatures, with its 1.7 million Instagram followers, showcases the wildest and wackiest individuals who ride the MTA—from freaky eaters to animal enthusiasts to cosplay wonders. Take a look at some of our favorite posts from the page in the gallery below and share your most exciting subway story in the comments section.

Rat's Terrifying!

Help! We're Trapped!

Political Performance

Bumping Tunes

Free Falling

What Have I Done

Fancy Feet

So Close

Clowning Around

Water Works

Bone Breaking

Hot Girl Summer

Flash Flood

Stone Age

Iconic Grandpa

Nightmare Fuel

Public Torture

Furry Friend

Butt of the Jokes

Freaky Deaky

Predator vs. Prey