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Radio DJ David “Tattoo” Gonzalez and host at various Golden Boy Promotions events is now suing Oscar De La Hoya for “infliction of emotional distress and unfair, unlawful business practices.”

“Tattoo” Gonzalez’s case involves weigh-ins, press conferences, etc.

Celebrity attorney Greg Kirakosian filed the suit, where Gonzalez says, “starting in 2015, De La Hoya also began to abuse his position as my employer by improperly demanding that Plaintiff perform a wide range of highly personal, improper, and illicit non-work-related duties at De La Hoyas request and on his behalf,” according to Yahoo.

46-year-old De La Hoya has admitted to a history of substance abuse over the years. The compromising situations Gonzales references of De La Hoya’s abuse includes cocaine and alcohol. He last fought in Dec. 2008, and has been a full-time promoter since then with Golden Boy, the company he started in 2002, and he currently serves as Chairman and CEO of the organization.

Gonzalez continued, “Among various things, on countless occasions over the course of over three years, De La Hoya would contact me at all hours of the night in need of help from various compromising situations and, in most cases, assisting a De La Hoya out of life-threatening situations while he was highly intoxicated and under the influence of various substances.”