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Two weeks ago, we gushed over an extraordinary avocado toast artist, now, we've moved on to another food that millennials love—sushi. Sushi is the bomb and it's something that I'm definitely missing while quarantined away from NYC. Sushi can be made in so many different ways and even as someone who doesn't consume meat or fish, I can still find amazing options, if I look hard enough. In addition to having a multitude of exciting, unique and exotic flavor combinations, you can also eat like 20 of them before filling up. What's not to love?

Tokyo-based artist Takayo Kiyota has taken her love for sushi to the next level, by using it as a medium for her art. According to her cookbook, Kiyota uses condiments, herbs and spices to color the rice, allowing her sushi to transform into animals, objects, people, anime characters and famous art pieces. Kiyota has been making edible sushi art for many years and has produced hundreds of unique designs. The craziest part? Kiyota lays out all the designs before rolling the rice, so she won't know how the design will turn out until after the sushi is cut!

Take a look at some of Kiyota's wildest, wackiest and most delicious sushi creations from her Instagram in the gallery below. Then let us know your thoughts on her art and your favorite type of sushi in the comments section on social media.