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If you love tacos—and let's be honest, who doesn't?—then this is the weekend for you. Sunday is National Taco Day and National Crunchy Taco Day! That's a double-decker holiday, my friend. So you better be prepared to live mas.  

I have never had a bad taco, and believe you me, I've had a lot of tacos in this life. Even the worst ones—looking at you, Jack in the Box—are still pretty OK. One of the best things about tacos is that there are so many different varieties—ground beef, fish, pastor, chorizo, lengua, barbacoa, chicken, steak, etc.—that you could have tacos every single day and never truly get sick of them. 

After growing up in California I moved to Chicago, where I was pleasantly surprised by how kickass the Mexican food was. It was there that I went from having a crush on tacos to full-on obsession. Across the street from my apartment was a place called Taco Burrito House and while these were not the best tacos in the world, they were the perfect combination of tasty and cheap. They were also in the sweet spot of being ideal drunk food that still tasted good when I was sober. Very few foods are capable of this. 

It was also in Chicago where I started to get adventuresome with my tacos. We're talking lengua (tongue), cabeza (brain) and tripa (tripe). I'd previously thought that gyros were the only delicious meat to come in a cone, then al pastor came along and blew my damn mind. The pork is to die for already, but then when you get the little pieces of pineapple mixed in... damn. And don't even get me started on barbacoa.

This is all to say, there are a lot of foods worthy of a tattoo tribute, but none more so than the taco. The question is, which should you be celebrating, National Taco Day or National Crunchy Taco Day? I say...


Enjoy these delicious taco tattoos!