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Labeled 'Australia's Kim Kardashian,’ Tammy Hembrow is the busty beauty known for her impossibly tiny waist and incredible peach bottom.

25-year-old Hembrow continues to climb the ladder as “Kardashian status” with recent social media posting.

The confident blonde bombshell who is just shy of 10 million Instagram followers, writes: 'How bomb is @ohpolly new electrical storm collection,' promoting the designer of her PVC bikini.

Most important to us in these pictures is Hembrow's ever-growing collection of tattoos, including a seahorse tattoo on her upper thigh and a large floral design on her back.

The mother-of-two and owner of Saski Collection & Tammy Hembrow Fitness debuted her newest ink, uploading an Instagram Story video of herself brandishing a large black star inked behind her right ear.

'Spot the new tatt,' teased Tammy, devilishly pouting towards the camera in the front seat of her car. She then turned her head slightly and pulled back her ponytail to debut the bold black design.

Previously, Tammy revealed that she'd had a pair of angel wings tattooed on her back to represent all the hard times she'd been through in recent years.

Referencing her split from Reece Hawkins in 2018 she said, "It was a lot to go through and this was my symbol for strength... and to represent my faith."