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While we by no means believe that people should tattoo their pets, these tattoo-inspired shirts for cats and small dogs are 100% Inked approved. For many animals, clothing serves as both fashion and function, keeping a hairless pet warm in cold climates. Designer Airie McCready is the mastermind behind Simply Sphynx, a clothing company for pets that's created the Tattcat.

Tattcat is a lightweight shirt with tattoo-inspired patterns that gives a hairless cat the appearance of being tattooed. McCready's Tattcat comes in a variety of designs, including black-and-grey, Japanese, tribal, and American traditional. Her tops come in both long and short sleeves, with prices starting at $19.80. The tops come in eight sizes, beginning at K1 Kitten and going up to X-Large.

In addition to being worn on her own kitties, Supermodel Daisy, Lucky Boy, Bella Bluebell and Starr Blue, McCready's designs suit a variety of cats and can help out furless pooches, such as the Chinese Crested.

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