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Like most adventurous youngsters dealing with the consequences of mischief, William, son of Tracy Crewson, was embarrassed to wear his cast after breaking his elbow.

"He was trying to break it off," William’s mother said.

The East Aurora-based Crewson family gets their hair cuts at Andrews Barber Parlor, which houses tattoo shop EA Ink in the back. Tattoo artist Joe Gerardi, who proudly boasts that EA Ink is the first and only tattoo shop in East Aurora, has transformed William’s cast into a work of art.

Photo via Tracy Crewson

Photo via Tracy Crewson

When Gerardi saw William shy about the cast, he offered to give it some "ink."

"They set up an appointment for the next day and gave him a card," Crewson said. “They let him know he had to be good and leave the cast on and he could get a tattoo.”

Gerardi free-handed a ninja on William's cast with a sharpie, and said that as a kid he would draw it on his own cast.

Crewson said that William couldn't wait to show off his new "tattoo" at school.