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1. Books Closed

A podcast by tattoo artist Andrew Stortz where he interviews his fellow artists to discuss how the internet and “technaloons” impact tattooing. Stortz began the podcast to highlight the problems occuring in modern tattoo shops due to blind following of misinformation on the internet after he had made satirical videos on Youtube. When he realized that the audience wasn’t understanding his ridiculous “facts,” he knew that something had to be done to educate both artists and clients while navigating the internet world. Thus Books Closed was born.

2. Boobs, Tattoos, and a Motorcycle

Created by Koi because “I have boobs, tattoos, and a motorcycle,” this podcast features under ten minute episodes that discuss various challenges Koi faces in these predominantly male dominated hobbies. Originally started on Youtube to talk about her experience getting nipple piercings, Koi now talks about everything from launching your business to riding your bike while busty.

3. No Regerts

A tattooer wife, Leah, and her professor husband, Josh, who make funny AF episodes talking about tattoos, marriage, and their seemingly opposite career paths. They always manage to make even the most serious subjects- ie who owns your ink- easy to listen to, and bring two unique point of views. It’s even better because Josh has absolutely no tattoos, yet Leah owns her own shop.

4. Fireside Tattoo

Jake Meeks started Fireside to help promote better tattooing, and now interviews artists on almost every episode to hear their tips and tricks. It’s a great place for artists as well as clients to gain more information, and to get their questions answered by artists who know what they’re doing.

5. Shoes, Boos, and Tattoos

Not normally tattoo related, Jess shares anything paranormal or true crime related. She brings a new taste to your regular old episode of Forensic Files, and has created a little corner of the internet for anyone who’s into shoes, boos, or tattoos.

6. Needle Depth

Bobby Cupparo manages to bring listeners into the brain of the artists he’s interviewing with his captivating episodes. Needle Depth is different from Fireside in the sense that Cupparo interviews the artists on themselves instead of on a specific subject. The episodes are always over an hour long too, making them perfect for car rides or traffic.

7. Creative Rebels

David Speed and Adam Brazier give advice on exactly how you can leave your 9-5 to pursue your creative goals. Their tagline is “Empowering the next generation of creatives,” and while they don’t always talk about tattooing, they are co-founders of Parlour Tattoo- so the subject is brought up regularly. It’s a great resource for any creative looking to grow their business.

8. Coffee Stains

Three friends from 1,000 Cranes Tattoo talk about whatever the hell they want with some serious Friends style nostalgia. They spill it all- from weed demands to telling stories of their late night shenanigans, you’ll feel like you’re part of the gang.

9. Tattoo Talk

Bryan Briggs focuses on sharing his thoughts and opinions about what is currently going on in the tattoo world, while also interviewing artists and taking listener’s questions. Briggs is a great resource for artists as he comes off as a mentor instead of a teacher, and covers topics like how to get new clients or work from a private studio.

10. Tattoos and Views

A new podcast hosted by tattoo artists Rock and Tony, but don’t get it twisted- they don’t just cover tattoos. This podcast promises to bring the views of tattoo artists and culture while covering politics, pop culture, current events, and obviously tattoo news. If you want to hear different views on popular topics, this is the place for you.