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To say the last year has been difficult, frustrating and often exhausting would be the understatement to end all understatements. Sometimes you need to tune your mind out from the rest of the world and have a laugh or two before getting back into gear and face what other challenges the day decides to bring. While pranks tend to be overblown and downright cruel and nasty, here are 10 tattoo-based pranks we know you’ll love that’ll hopefully brighten your day! 

Harry Styles Face Tattoo

As someone with a portrait of the band Queen on my arm, I am the last person who can criticize anyone’s decision to put their favorite musicians on their bodies. While I am a fan of Harry Styles, the last place I would dare put a tattoo of him is on my face, which singer-songwriter Kelsy Karter did in 2019, but to each their own. Luckily the tattoo turned out to be fake and a promotion for her single “Harry,” but it sure did give the internet a good head scratch and eyebrow raise.

Tattoo Prank 180

Sometimes pranks don’t turn out how we plan, as this TikTok user found out when she attempted to prank her best friend with a fake arm sleeve. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck next time! 

Twin Tattoo Prank

What’s the point of even having a twin if you don’t use them to prank unsuspecting tattoo artists and make them think that the new tattoo you just sat through fell off and returned to a blank canvas? Seems like a bit of a waste of a twin to me.

Screaming Tattoo Prank

It’s not the question of does getting a tattoo hurt, but how much will it hurt? Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance levels will vary, and what some people can sit calmly through might be where another person is the most uncomfortable. However, we hope no matter your pain tolerance, you can handle your pain better than this guy, even if it is hilarious to watch!

The Classic Mom Prank

Tattoos seem to be every parent’s worst nightmare. We all know someone with a story related to their parents hating their tattoos, but it’s funny to see parents’ reactions when the tattoo is fake. Just another friendly reminder to parents that you no longer have any control over what your children choose to do with their bodies after a certain age.

Neck Tattoo Prank

Sometimes pranks fail because your parent is a tattoo artist, but it never hurts to give it a shot, especially if it’s a temporary tattoo. If you plan on pranking your family with a fake neck tattoo, let this TikTok serve as a reminder of what not to do, and be mindful of you who are trying to prank. It’s always easier to prank someone with a fake tattoo that doesn’t have industry knowledge and years of experience, especially if they’ve tattooed your skin in the past.

Tattoo Removal Prank

Not all pranks involve making people think you got a new or ridiculous tattoo. Some involve seeing if your loved ones even notice all your ink is gone! It’s a bit heartwarming to see that your loved ones can look past the ink, but at the same time, I would be upset if mine didn’t notice that my tattoos were gone overnight! 

Name Tattoo Prank

Getting your partner’s name tattooed on you is honestly the riskiest tattoo I can think of. You never know how long the relationship will last, and tattoos are pretty notorious for being permanent. We’re happy that, in this case, this tattoo is fake. 

Baby Tattoo Prank

I shouldn’t have to remind any of you of this, but please don’t tattoo your babies. The tattoos are just going to be stretched out and wonky as they get older. However, put all the fake tattoos you want on your little creatures, they’re cute and hilarious! 

Tattoo Needle Beatboxing Prank

There’s something oddly comforting about the sound of a tattoo machine unless it seems to be making that sound on its own, then it becomes unnerving. While many tattoo pranks center around fake tats, seeing a prank involving beatboxing is not only talented and innovative but also some harmless fun! 

And we would be remiss if we didn't mention one of our own pranks on here. In 2016, our intrepid editor decided it was a good idea to pretend to get a tattoo celebrating a certain orange-skinned presidential candidate. We wrote an article about it on the website for April Fools' Day and nobody cared. It got no clicks. It was an utter failure. But then sometime around September the image started circulating all over the internet. And since then, it's been a widely distributed meme that just won't fucking die. You have no idea how often said editor has had to field phone calls and texts from friends and family letting him know things have gone viral again. Sigh. 

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