While our celebrity-obsessed culture often focuses on the SHOCKING and the FAILS of the people we put on a pedestal, we often skip over the behind-the-scenes and mundane work that the social-media-verified public figures are doing. Especially with child stars and celebrity kids, who are often making the world a better place, despite being lumped in with millennial "Instagram Influencers." Whatever the f*ck that even means.

Paris & Prince Jackson


Michael Jackson gave more than $300 million dollars over his lifetime to foundations such as Make-A-Wish, UNICEF and the Red Cross, according to HuffPost. Since his death in 2009, his two older children, Paris and Prince have continued that philanthropic legacy.

Paris flew to Puerto Rico to help distribute supplies to families living in Aguadilla after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. She also donated backpacks, personal water purifiers and solar lights to every child at the school located in the town.

Meanwhile, Prince was honored with the Motif Award Lifetime Legacy Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest honor in youth advocacy, for his work with his Heal L.A. foundation. This organization was created to further the cause of his late father’s Heal the World organization. The organization is working to end child hunger, homelessness and abuse throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Prince “change begins within your own community,” ended his speech by saying, “Change begins within your own community. So let’s heal Los Angeles and heal the world.”

Zelda Williams

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The world mourned Robin Williams’ suicide in 2014. Zelda honored her dad’s passion for cycling, by donating to causes that were close to the late comedian’s heart. Along with brothers Cody and Zachary, she donated 87 bikes from her father’s collection, auctioned through Paddle 8, and donated the $600,000 in proceeds to charity. The money went to the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

The 29-year old has also partnered with The Hope and Grace Initiative to help end the stigma around mental health.

“As for how I am, REALLY, I take it day by day. Some days are great. Some days are nearly impossible. But the great days, the fact they can exist at all, make navigating the hard ones that much easier,” she wrote on Instagram. “This month, join the conversation. Ask those around you. And most important, listen. Because everyone is fighting something, whether you can see it or not. But they shouldn’t have to feel like they’re fighting it alone.”

Jaden Smith


According to People, the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith wanted to produce a renewable alternative to the plastic water bottle, after learning just how much trash is being dumped into the ocean.

“We weren’t using our waste in the right ways or being responsible,” Smith said.

Jaden created JUST water, “ethically sourced 100 percent pure spring water that comes in a paper-based bottle with a cap that’s made from sugarcane.” He’s expanded his charitable work into a foundation called JUST goods and has partnered with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to deploy a mobile water filtration system called The Water Box, to help spread clean water to the residents of Flint, Michigan.

Justin Bieber


JBiebs, child of Canadian author and film producer, Pattie Mallette, had fulfilled more than 250 wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as of 2015. While Justin has gone through his ups-and-downs throughout his career, as many child stars do, making fans’ wishes come true by spending time with them in the hospital, is much more important than his “Jelena” press.

Demi Lovato


Daughter of cheerleader Diana Hart and musician, Patrick Lovato, the longtime philanthropist, Demi Lovato, traveled to Kenya to work with Free The Children and Me to We, and later became an official Ambassador for these youth empowerment events. She spent time with women in the area in a push for economic empowerment.

While she works domestically and internationally to empower young people to remove barriers that prevent them from being active local and global citizens, she has also become a public face of mental health. Lovato gives back by talking openly about her personal experiences, as well as speaking out against bullying, among other issues.

Zendaya Coleman

Punk Edits photo: Zendaya with fake tattoos

Punk Edits photo: Zendaya with fake tattoos

While Zendaya does not have a tattoo (yet,) she did accompany her dad for his tattoo on her 22nd birthday. We can't take her off the list, because she is doing incredible philanthropic work.

The Disney alum prioritizes her work with children, taking time to visit elementary schools, make donations of school supplies, as well as team up with UNICEF to raise money through the organization’s Trick-or-Treat campaign. She is also a supporter of Toys for Tots, Friends for Change, Bookbag Drives, Operation Smile and Donate My Dress. Zendaya is praised as one of the most down-to-earth celebrity kids, and often stands up for other women on social media, promotes body positivity, and according to PR Newswire, spent her 18th birthday raising money for the charity feedONE with the goal to feed at least 150 children in Haiti, Tanzania and the Philippines.

Bella Hadid


Model and daughter of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Hadid, and real estate developer, Mohamed Hadid, has been a huge supporter of the charity dedicated to helping underprivileged children around the world through fundraising, advocacy and education.

22-year-old Hadid took a trip to Bangladesh with UNICEF one year after the Rohingya refugee crisis, and played educational games and activities with students, as well as “met with women and community mobilizers, to learn more about how the communities have been since the mass influx of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh from Myanmar took place.”

After the trip, Hadid asked her 47.2 million Instagram followers to donate $25 to UNICEF, which would provide nine families with mosquito nets to protect against malaria, or $30, which could buy 1,000 pencils for an entire school. According to PEOPLE, she also “partnered with UNICEF Ambassador and model Halima Aden to start a CrowdRise page to support children from around the world who have been uprooted from their homes.”

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus’ The Happy Hippie Foundation, is a nonprofit with a mission to fight injustices facing homeless and LGBTQ youth. The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus was inspired to act after the passing of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, “whose death was a big wake-up call for those who were unaware or unfamiliar with the hardships transgender youth experience daily.” Cyrus’ foundation is privately funded, so 100 percent of all donations directly benefit those in need. Most recently, Cyrus helped a season 13 contestant on The Voice, Janice Freeman, when Freeman was going through a “financial rough patch.”

“Miley, you are my dawg, like, my best friend, and I will defend you to the bitter end,” Freeman said during her emotional Instagram Live. “This woman blessed me to be able to move in. Do you understand?”

Brooklyn Beckham


Brooklyn Beckham is more than just the son of soccer star dad David Beckham and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. The 20-year-old, and his brothers, Romeo and Cruz, volunteered to sort clothing and food donations to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, according to the Evening Standard. To take things further, Beckham, who had released his debut photography book, What I See, the year before, decided to donate all the proceeds from his photography exhibition at Christie’s to the children who lost everything in the fire.

Dakota Johnson


The tattooed Fifty Shades of Grey star made a bold move by posting a photo with her phone number on Instagram in an effort to advocate for women and reproductive health.

“Women and girls in every corner of the world face extreme violence and sexual harassment on a daily basis. Over 800 women and adolescent girls die every day because they do not have access to reliable contraceptives and basic maternity services,” she said.

The 29-year-old daughter of actress Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson wanted women to call and leave voicemails of their stories so she could listen, compile and bring their voices to the world with help from Global Citizen, a community of people who are collectively working to end extreme poverty by 2030.

According to PEOPLE, “Johnson has also partnered up with her famous mom in the past to host a fundraiser to benefit the Action in Africa charity, which aims to help empower people in Uganda by fostering education and community development.”