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This Mother's Day, moms out there deserve a whole week—heck even a month of recognition. With social distancing, moms (and dads!) have had to taken on a lot, from keeping the kids entertained and safe to stepping up as a home school teacher. Oh yeah, and the salary for being a mom? $0 a year! We're so impressed by the millions of moms who've stepped up to the challenges quarantine has presented and especially those who are health care workers fighting on the front lines of this pandemic to keep other families safe.

We know that the road ahead is uncertain, but what we do know for sure if that we're very appreciative of all moms do to keep the world turning. In honor of Mother's Day 2020, we've gathered up a list of some of our favorite moms from the tattoo world. Whether they be models, artists or world famous singers, these tattooed moms are both beautiful and badass. And for some, this will be their very first Mother's Day ever! Take a look at the tattooed mamas in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on these babes in the comments section on social media.

Ryan Ashley DiCristina

Monami Frost

Summer McInerney

Lucy Molloy

Bernadette Macias




Bree Bre

Sabina Kelley

Jessica Wilde

Brittany Hetzer

Leah Jung

Ivy and Terry Rebel