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St. Patrick's Day provides a bit of a conundrum for the Irish and those of Irish descent. On the one hand, celebrating our cultural heritage is always fun and corned beef and cabbage is pretty delicious. On the other hand, have you seen the way people celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Amateur drinkers crowd the bars, sloshed beyond recognition, making horrific attempts at pulling off an Irish brogue and acting like complete jackasses. The excuse? They're just being Irish, man. It's pretty gross. 

There are ways to revel in Irishness that doesn't completely offend an entire culture. Try listening to the Pogues or sipping a Guinness this St. Patrick's Day. It's way better than getting trashed on Bud Light with green food coloring and screaming "Kiss me I'm Irish" in the face of everybody you encounter. 

It's the same with tattoos. There are plenty of people who have rushed out and ended up with a regrettable shamrock tattoo or, even worse, a leprechaun holding a beer. The intentions may have been good, but in the end, the tattoos end up being a bad look. 

Instead of highlighting these kinds of tattoos in our St. Patrick's Day celebration, we figured we'd shine the light on some immensely talented artists working in Ireland. Not all of the artists hail from Ireland themselves, but they have made a home there, so we think that's good enough. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends. Celebrate responsibly and enjoy these cool tattoos from some of the finest tattooers in Ireland.