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While many artists belong to a chosen tattoo family, few can say that they have blood relatives in the industry. However, for some tattooers, the trade is passed down from parents to children or the career is shared by siblings. Take a look at 8 talented tattoo families in the gallery below and let us know if you'd work with your family in the comments section.


Guy and Hannah Aitchison

Guy and Hannah Aitchison are siblings who've both found success in the tattoo industry. These two are proof that artistic talent truly can be inherited. 

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Mike and Kyle Devries

Mike Devries is one of the most successful realism artists working in the industry and his son Kyle has proven to be a tattoo prodigy. 


Ed and Doug Hardy

Ed Hardy is one of the most iconic tattoo artists in history and his son Doug keeps on the family tradition in San Francisco. 


Freddy and Booboo Negrete

Another tattoo icon to pass on the tattoo trade is Freddy Negrete, whose son Booboo was an established celebrity tattooer before passing away in 2018/


Matt and Ryan Murray

Twins Matt and Ryan Murray operate a tattoo shop in Salem called Black Veil, specializing in horror-themed blackwork tattoos. 

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Andy and Robert Pho

When Andy Pho connected with his estranged brother Robert in adulthood, he learned that he was a famous tattoo artist. Today, both are renowned tattooers in the industry who frequently collaborate at conventions.

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Jimmy Snaz and Kyle MacKenzie

On season 11 of Ink Master, brothers Jimmy Snaz and Kyle MacKenzie both competed for the title. They competed on the same team, which was coached by Cleen Rock One.

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Don Cheto Gomez and Tattoo Louie

Los Angeles tattoo icons Don Cheto and Tattoo Louie are a father and son dynamic duo. Louie has since carried the torch for his father, who passed away in 2018.