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Tattoo Fixers is a British reality show that premiered on E4 on June 23rd of 2015. Today, the program is on its fifth season and has featured some of the wildest tattoos we've ever seen. And while the tattoo artists on the show are used to the strange and unusual, they got more than they bargained for on last Wednesday's episode.

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In the episode, artists Paisley Billings and Sketch Porter met a married couple, Cheryl and David. The couple revealed that they'd been together for the past nine years, however, this isn't your average marriage. You see, Cheryl and David are not only husband and wife, but first cousins. 

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The couple, whose fathers are brothers, revealed that they'd lost touch when they were in their teens but became reacquainted over social media as adults. This omission not only shocked the tattooers but when the episode premiered, fans couldn't help but share their disgust on social media. On Twitter, one user wrote, "Pretty sure marrying your first cousin is illegal, if not, it should be," while another fan added, "Why have I just heard a couple on tattoo fixers announce that they are first cousins. I’m repulsed."


What do you think about Tattoo Fixer's surprise twist? Do you think that marrying your first cousin should be legal? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.