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If you were to stumble upon 26-year-old Ontario native Jynnie Kent on social media, you likely wouldn't suspect anything out of the ordinary about her. However, on her 11th birthday, Kent went through an experience that shaped her into the woman she is today.

On the night of her 11th birthday, Kent was brutally attacked by her grandmother's five bull mastiffs, which led to her being in a coma for two days. She spent the next three months in the hospital and needed to relearn how to walk. She had 13 major tears throughout her body and over 150 puncture wounds, which required approximately 1,000 stitches and required a skin graft.

Throughout her adolescence, Kent hid her scars from her peers and was extremely self-conscious following many years of bullying. However, she eventually decided to embrace what society viewed as an imperfection and today proudly flaunts her scars—as well as many gorgeous tattoos!

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