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Meet Nick Youngquest, a model best known for his work with Paco Rabanne. On his Instagram page, Youngquest frequently posts about his work as an international model and the exotic locations his job allows him to travel to. However, in a recent photo posted to Instagram, Youngquest exposed a little more than he'd planned and the image soon went viral.

While in Ericeira, Portugal Youngquest posted a photo of himself on the rocky shore of a beach with a small Portuguese flag emoji covering his genitals. However, Youngqest neglected to censor the shadow that extends from the colorful flag. Many users shared their thoughts on the shadow in the comments section, with Rugby commentator Drew Mitchell writing "Hahaha brother!! Was leaving the shadow a tactical play??!!"

What do you think of this scandalous shadow? Do you think it was included in the photo on accident or on purpose? Let us know your thoughts on the photo and this story in the comments section.