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Over recent years, researchers have begun examining the impact tattoos can have on our bodies and health. And in a newly published study by PhD's Ines Schreiver and Bernhard Hesse of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany, tests found traces of nickel, iron and chromium in the lymph nodes that can be traced back to tattoo needles.


Like ink pigments, trace metal fragments were deposited into the body during the tattoo process and over time, these particles made their way into the lymph nodes. And for collectors with a type IV allergy, this can cause negative reactions to certain inks.

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And while all collectors, especially those with metal allergies should be made aware to this new study, overall, scientists will need many decades of observation to understand the lasting impact.

“The fact that all pigments and wear particles are deposited in lymph nodes calls for special attention to be placed on allergy development,” says Schreiver in an interview with News Atlas.  “Unfortunately, today, we can’t determine the exact impact on human health and possible allergy development deriving from the tattoo needle wear. These are long-term effects which can only be assessed in long-term epidemiological studies that monitor the health of thousands of people over decades.”

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