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Everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, is entitled to quality and beautiful tattoos. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for black and brown people to find tattooers. There are a lot of misconceptions and miseducation in the tattoo industry surrounding tattooing darker skin. Many darker skin tattoo clients have been misinformed about what is possible and it's time they were made aware of the hundreds (if not thousands) of tattooers doing stunning work on black and brown clients.

Although they can be harder to find, there are very skilled tattooers who create unbelievable work on darker skin. These tattoo artists have mastered a variety of distinctive styles from black-and-grey realism to American traditional to illustrative to blackwork. And despite what you might think, many of these tattooers implement bold and vibrant color on their black and brown clients. That's right, color is in your cards!

Keep in mind, every tattoo artist works differently and you'll want to do your research. If you have darker skin, we recommend carefully looking over an artist's portfolio to ensure that they're experienced in tattooing black and brown skin. Trust us, they're out there and ready to give you beautiful work.

We've curated 100 of our favorite tattoos on black and brown skin in the gallery below, take a peek at our picks and let us know your favorite piece from this list in the comments section on social media.