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2021 is here and with it, we expect to see plenty of brand new (and some old) tattoo trends. As tattoo experts who have poured over thousands of artists this year, we've got a good idea what will be popular in the coming months. We've curated the top 15 tattoo trends we expect to blow up in 2021 in the gallery below, take a peek at our picks and let us know your favorite trend from our list in the comments section on social media.

Fine Art Motifs

Tattooers have been alluding to fine artists for decades, but in 2021 expect them to mix things up and get more subtle with their references.

Fornasetti Ladies

Thanks to Joe Jonas, the drawings of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti will be popping off this year.

Fineline Surrealism

These fineline artists are getting pretty weird with their work and this style is going to spread in the coming months.

Thin Frames

These tattoos show a tiny sliver of imagery and the end result is pretty spectacular.

Colorful Palms

Luke A Ashley is one of the masters of palm tattoos and after he started doing color, it's sure to inspire artists worldwide.


Now we're not talking about regular knife tattoos, these knives act as frames for other designs of varying styles and subject matters.

Single Line

Single line tattoos have been popular for a while and we believe this trend will only continue to flourish in 2021.

Paint Swatches

For whatever reason, paint swatches have been extremely popular in South Korea and we expect they'll come to the States very soon.


Galaxy is another trend that's been big for a while, but in 2021 we predict it will be more elegant and tinier than seen previously.

Painted Skulls

This artist blew us away with their painted skull designs and has surely created a trend in the making.


Lettering is one of the biggest styles in tattooing and calligraphy, it's more abstract cousin, will be huge in the coming year.


If one color is going to dominate in 2021, it's definitely going to be red.


Delfware is a popular style of ceramics which originated in the Netherlands and it makes for some seriously stunning tattoos.

Dainty Ornamental

This style of ornamental is delicate and will surely be making rounds in 2021.


Yep, tribal is coming back. This may come as a big surprise, but we see tribal making a huge resurgence in 2021.