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Cruises are fun—you can drink and eat all you want, you spend your days in the sun, you swim and go on adventures, and now you can even get tattoos

Thanks to Virgin Voyages—a start up cruise line that just launched their first ship—passengers are now able to commemorate their trip with a tattoo done at the boat's tattoo parlor by one of their very own artists. Called "Squid Ink," the cruise ship tattoo parlor is the first of its kind. 

The CEO of Virgin Voyages says that to him, the pairing made sense as "Tattooing is a time-honored seafaring tradition." Which is true, tattooing was a right of passage for many old timey sailors in the early 1900's. Tattoos would mark number of days at sea or the different port in which sailors traditionally traveled, and were a way for men to remember both their journey at sea as well as their home which they were missing. 

The ship that will serve as home to the Squid Ink shop is named Scarlet Lady, and she is set for completion some time during the next year. The artist in charge of picking residents for the shop is world known Lou Rubino Jr, who has already nailed down Ink Master's Sarah Miller as a resident artist for the ship.

On top of the studio, the entire ship will be child—free, so you don't even need to worry about kids popping by or needing attention. It's just you, the water, and that tattoo needle now.