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In the year 2122, tattooing will be done exclusively by robots utilizing laser beams, you know, like in "Starship Troopers." 

Or it might be more like what we see in "Idiocracy," where nobody is getting tattooed for fun anymore. Instead your tattoo will just be a bar code you carry for identification purposes. In this world those who aren't tattooed are the true fringe members of society. 

Or, imagine this, people have started getting the most perfect tattoos on Earth thanks to AI and robots doing the tattooing. Today's color realism will look like complete trash compared to the detail possible with advanced technology. The relentless perfection would drive a band of motivated Luddite rebels to go underground and practice the old ways of making needles, using acetate stencils and tattooing with coil machines made out of the scrap parts of a tattooing robot.  

Maybe there won't even be any tattooing at all because Earth will have become an uninhabitable Hellscape devoid of not just artistry, but of humanity. All civilization will be lost and it won't be until aliens land on what was once the Inked headquarters and uncover our treasure trove of magazines that the reptilian conquerors learn of the existence of humans covered in beautiful tattoos.

Or maybe the sun explodes and takes out the bulk of the solar system with it. A lot of things can happen in the next 100 years! And while we don't have a crystal ball to see into the future, we do have a bunch of tattoo artists willing to answer our increasingly bizarre queries for Tattoo Artists React. 

Our panel of tattoo artists take a crack at guessing what tattooing will be like in 100 years. Their answers give us some meaningful insight into the future of tattooing, as well as the rampant popularity of the film "Starship Troopers" among tattooers. Watch below if you would you like to know more.