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The Simpsons former lead animator Chance Raspberry tells INKED a little about the tattoed characters on The Simpsons, like Tattoo Annie, Jailbird, Sideshow Bob, and Cletus Spuckler.

While Raspberry doesn't have any tattoos on himself, as the Lead Character Layout Artist on Fox Networks' longest-running show, he took the completed designs of characters and animated them.

Raspberry shares the process: first, a writer will write a description of what the inked character looks like. Using Snake Jailbird as an example, they would add that the description that they have a tattoo of a snake. Then, a Character Designer, with notes from the network and showrunners, gets to invent and draw what that character and their tattoos look like.

"I think tattoos are beautiful when they’re done right and they mean something or when they’re simply put on by professional artists," Raspberry adds. "But for me personally, I’m just a fan of what I like to call 'purity of the canvas'."