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This season on The Bachelorette, former Miss Alabama USA and contestant on The Bachelor season 23, Hannah Brown is looking for love and 30 men are vying for her heart. Out of those 30 men, four of them are visibly tattooed and based on the first two episodes, there's a very good chance Brown will ended up with a tatted up fiancé. Take a look at the tattooed men of season 15 of The Bachelorette and let us know your thoughts on the season thus far in the comments section.

Cam Ayala

Cam is one of the most controversial figures of the season thus far and has already begun rubbing his fellow contestants the wrong way. He's best known for winning a rose on the After the Final rose special with his rapping skills and crashing a group date in episode 2. As for his tattoos, Cam is an ink enthusiast and we are certainly captivated by the colorful cardinal on his left bicep. The artist behind the piece is unknown to us, however, we'd guess that they're based in Austin, Texas like Cam.

Dustin B Kendrick

Dustin was another contestant to meet Hannah before the season on After the Final rose and in episode 2, he stood above the pack on his group date, earning a rose. Dustin has a number of tattoos on both of his biceps, many of the pieces relating to his Christian faith. Dustin is based in Chicago and we are placing our bets that he got inked up in the Windy City.

Dylan Barbour

While Dylan hasn't stood out on this season so far, during his group date, we couldn't help but notice the large tattoo on his chest. The 24-year-old San Diego native has an anatomical heart on his left peck—which appears to have been inked in a new school style. The piece is colored in both red and blue, with a thorned rose wrapping around the design. Will this tattoo be brought up by Bachelorette Hannah during the season? Only time will tell.

Mike Johnson

Last, but certainly not least, contestant Mike Johnson is by far one of the most tattooed man in the running for Hannah's heart. The Texas-based bachelor has a woman's portrait on his forearm and the words "God's Son/ Breathe Life" on his biceps. He's got my vote for the next Bachelor lead, if he doesn't win over Hannah in the end.

What do you think of the men competing for Hannah Brown's heart this season? Let us know your thoughts on the contestants this season in the comments section.