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Here at Inked Magazine, we're all about sexy tattooed ladies. However, sometimes it's nice to mix things up and throw a hot dude into the mix. Enter Kevin Creekman, who looks like the tattooed love child of Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth.

This tattooed God was born in Switzerland and grew up in Colongne, Germany. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 30 and despite having a degree in social work, his primary source of income is social media influencing.

And although Creekman is currently one of the most admired tattooed men on the planet, he hasn't always had his signature svelte physique. At the age of 18, Creekman weighed over 350 lbs. However, through hard work he lost 175 lbs. In 2014, he underwent his first surgery to remove excess skin. After surgery, he was left with numerous scars, which inspired him to begin his tattoo bodysuit. "I got finally rid of my excess skin but I still didn’t feel free in my skin," explains Creekman on his website. "My scars told a story I didn’t want to tell everybody. So my full body tattoo project was born."


What do you think about this international heart throb? Can you believe his incredible transformation?