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Growing up listening to a wide array of ‘70s psychedelic rock, English four-piece The Hunna was formed by lead guitarist Daniel Dorney and frontman Ryan “Tino” Potter when they met in college. Later bringing in bassist Junate Angin and drummer Jack Metcalfe, The Hunna confidently believes that smoking is the backbone of any great friendship.

The Hunna gave fans the first taste of music since their 2018 album Dare, releasing the single “I Get High To Forget” off their upcoming album. Coming off their most recent tour through the UK, Canada and the United States, The Hunna picks their “musical parents” as David Grohl and Lana Del Rey.

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Jack, why do you feel The Hunna is a “cult band?”

Jack Metcalfe:

I think that’s just happened over the past couple of years. It’s become so strong, like an army. It’s kind of like a family vibe with the fans, but it’s become more like a movement. The fact that they’re still there and positive through all the ups and downs, shows they’re willing to ride or die for us, which is the same for us on the other end.

What comes with the upcoming album that “I Get High To Forget” features on?

Ryan Potter:

Heavier riffs while diving into a more modern sound. For me, Drake is one of my biggest artists, with The Weeknd, Halsey and Travis Scott, so we get to move into that.

We also listen to bands like Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Korn, and before we weren’t able to experiment as much with our previous label, so now that we can do that, jamming is so good.

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Whose parents dislike tattoos the most?


: Well, for my first tattoo I got “English gent” [relatively above my junk]...


: Jack’s mom doesn’t really like tattoos, it’s a bit frightening for her that he’s got about 70 now.


She’s over it now, she doesn’t really notice anymore. When she asks, “How long have you had that for?” No matter if it’s new or old, I’ll always say, “Mum I’ve had this for years.”


When I come over and I show her a new one she’ll say, “Are you sure though? You’ve got such lovely skin.”

Metcalfe: She actually said that the other day, she said, “What’s he doing? He doesn’t need it!”

What was working with John Feldman like?

Ryan: After this tour we are going into another month with him to finish the whole album, but so far it’s been awesome. I think it’s the best experience we’ve had so far working with a producer and making music. He’s so different to anyone I’ve met, such a different character and so full of life. He’s so positive we got on with him right away. He’s really helped us for this next chapter because we’ve experimented with a lot of different stuff that we hadn’t gotten to before because we couldn’t [under previous label,] and we are super pumped to get back into it. We have over 70 songs, it’s going to be hard to put them all down, but it’s a good place to be.

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Photos by Evan Kaucher

What’s been your favorite tour memory?


Recently in Columbus we played the same venue where we supported Jimmy Eat World on our first American tour, and that night we were all drinking with a few friends and this dude with long, brown hair came around and he looked like a pirate. We ended up figuring out that he was actually the dude for Captain Morgan, and he was sharing all these stories from his 15 years of it, and the whole time he was talking in character. It was amazing.


I was changed from that Halloween Festival in Phoenix with Good Charlotte.


Oh yeah, we went to the Fear Farm afterwards and it was crazy, being chased around with real chainsaws. We definitely don’t have anything like that in England, you guys do it right over here.


Some of the guys and I managed to find a little tiny fence in the corner of one of the rooms and just pegged over that.

Any tattoo ideas you’re glad you didn’t go through with?

Ryan: My first tattoo I wanted to get a star on my hand, but my sisters were like, “Please do not do that.” I was 16 at the time, and for years I thought I wanted it, but I broke up with it. The stars I do love, on my elbow, are of the stars on the Australia flag, from our first tour there. I just had the best time of my life. I didn’t sleep for like a week.

Photos by Evan Kaucher

Photos by Evan Kaucher

How does The Hunna feel about fan tattoos?


After the first couple we were like, “woah you’re really going for it.” But there’s loads, and it’s really amazing. People get lyrics and logos, and honestly they look hard as fuck.