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Pete Davidson is one of the best known comedians in Hollywood and over the past two years, he's collected numerous large and small pieces that have caught the attention of the mainstream media. This is largely due to Davidson's relationships, having been engaged to Ariana Grande for five months during 2018. Now, in his new movie directed by legendary funny film maker Judd Apatow, Davidson is playing a tattooer.

"The King of Staten Island," stars Davidson, as well as Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr, Steve Buscemi and Apatow's own daughter Maude. The story takes some inspiration from Davidson's own life, such as the setting in Staten Island, as well as Davidson's father's tragic passing during 9/11. However, instead of aspiring to become a comedian, his character Scott wants to become a tattooer.


Many artists who'd tattooed Davidson in real life were brought on set as consultants, including London Reese and Ryan Mullins.

In the film's trailer, Davidson talks about his real tattoo of the date his father died, which he has inked on his arm. We then see Davidson talk about wanting to become a tattoo artist and some of his friends in the film showing off their terrible pieces, including a wonky portrait of Barack Obama, to the camera.

"The King of Staten Island," will be released on demand on June 12th.