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10 years after leaving our television, your favorite fictional lesbians are back and better than ever. On December 8th, "The L Word: Generation Q' premiered on Showtime, acting as a contemporary sequel to the original series. Many fan favorites have reprise their original roles for the series, including Jennifer Beals (Bette Porter), Katherine Moennig (Shane McCutcheon) and Leisha Hailey (Alice Pieszecki). However, in order to be appropriate with the times, the show has also introduced a host of new characters which bring diversity to the cast.

One of these characters is Micah, the roommate of fellow new characters Dani and Sophie. Micah is an adjunct professor and a trans man. Micah is played by actor Leo Sheng, who according to them, auditioned for the role on a whim while getting his Masters degree in sociology at the University of Michigan. And in addition to representing trans men on the show, Sheng is also representing the tattoo community—sporting an impressive phoenix tattoo on his left arm along with several other visible pieces.

Another tattooed actor that will appear on The L Word: Generation Q is Jillian Mercado. Mercado plays Maribel Suarez, her debut acting role after making a name for herself in the fashion industry. Mercado is a prominent disabilities activist, she uses a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy, and has appeared in campaigns for Beyoncé, Target and Nordstrom.

Stay tuned to see how Micah and Maribel fair on this season of The L Word: Generation Q and let us know your thoughts on the show's reboot in the comments section.