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Over the course of 11 seasons, we'eve seen hundreds of good, bad, and straight up ugly tattoos come out of the reality show Ink Master. However, today we're keeping things positive by going through the best of the best. These 20 tattoos are our favorite tattoos from all 11 seasons and it's time you took a look at the ink we love. 

tyler nolan

Tyler Nolan, Season 6

This skull and rose tattoo by Tyler Nolan in season 6 is truly next level.

tatu baby

Tatu Baby, Season 2

This Yoda tattoo by Tatu Baby was one of the best tattoos in the history of the show.


Sausage, Season 7

As a returning artist, Sausage proved his versatility and saturation skills during this challenge. 

sarah miller

Sarah Miller, Season 2

Sarah Miller may be known for color realism, but she nailed this black-and-grey portrait.

ryan ashley

Ryan Ashley, Season 8

Ryan Ashley's pin-up was one of the most beautiful, creative and anatomically accurate pin-ups we've seen on Ink Master.

megan jean

Megan Jean Morris, Season 7

Megan Jean stole best tattoo of the day with this beautiful surrealism tattoo.

matti hixson

Matti Hixson, Season 4

Matti's finale tattoo in season 4 was bold, badass and totally brilliant.

matt buck

Matt Buck, Season 10

Right off the bat, Matt Buck impressed the judges with this neo-traditional bearded lady.


Dave Kruseman, Season 6

Everyone knows that this finale tattoo won Kruseman Ink Master and it's truly a $100,000 tattoo.

kelly doty

Kelly Doty, Season 8

Kelly got to show the judges her signature flair with a quirky gypsy that popped with wall to wall color.

josh payne

Josh Payne, Season 10

Doing a portrait tattoo of a judge is no easy feat, especially in monochromatic shades. However, Josh Payne made everyone in America want a tattoo of Oliver Peck.

joey hamilton

Joey Hamilton, Season 3

Joey Hamilton wowed the judges and snagged the title with this mermaid leg sleeve, a piece that many of us would wear with pride.

jason tattooer

Jason Elliott, Season 10

I'm sorry, but how could Jason be sent home with this gorgeous tattoo? The creativity in the face alone was enough to make it one of the best of the season.

jason clay dunn

Jason Clay Dunn, Season 5

Jason Clay Dunn won over the judges at the season 5 finale with this colorful and creative new school back piece.

duffy fortner

Duffy Fortner, Season 6

Duffy won best tattoo of the day with this elegant Victorian throat tattoo and we're honestly impressed this piece came out of Ink Master.

dj tambe

DJ Tambe, Season 10

As a coach, Dj Tambe wowed the judges during the season 10 finale with a larger than life head and neck motif. This canvas is one lucky guy.


Cleen Rock One, Season 8

This colorful creature may be cute, but the tattoo itself is 100% bullet proof.

cleen 2

Cleen Rock One, Season 8

As someone who has been on Ink Master four times, it makes sense that Cleen would have more than one best tattoo on this list.

chris blinston

Chris Blinston, Season 6

Another impressive finale back piece was Chris Blinston's pin-up, which was packed with detail and impeccably crafted. 

anthony michaels

Anthony Michaels, Season 8

The texture and dimension in this piece made Anthony a standout competitor during season 8. 

What do you think about the best tattoos in Ink Master history? Do you agree with our list? Who created your favorite tattoo on the show? Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section o Facebook.