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While there's certainly nothing wrong with a traditional marriage proposal, these days many men and women opt for creative methods of popping the question. And for professional MMA fighter Vince Murdock, he chose to propose with a permanent tattoo.

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Murdock got the question: 'Will you marry me?' tattooed on his knee in May of 2018, however, he managed to hide it for a shocking four months until getting down on one knee in September.

On September 30th, 2018 Murdock took his girlfriend on a hike in El Dorado and after about 30 minutes, picked the perfect spot to pop the question. He'd prepared a speech and after professing his love, told his girlfriend to rip a piece of tape off his knee to reveal the tattoo.

Two weeks after his wife-to-be accepted the proposal, the pair visited a tattooer and sealed the deal with a red 'x' in the yes box. The pair plans to wed in summer of 2020 and they'll always cherish this sentimental and original proposal.

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What do you think of this clever proposal? Could you hide a tattoo from your significant other for four months? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.