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The youths of the world are constantly moving from one app to the next- and this time, they're focusing on Tik Tok. Serving as the new replacement for Vine and formerly name, Tik Tok gives users the chance to upload their own short form videos lasting around 60 seconds that can be funny, sad, or straight up scary. 

Short form videos with little context seem to be the funniest thing on the internet right now, I mean- how many times have you heard someone scream "You can't kill me, I'm a bad bitch." Short form comedy requires little attention, little editing skill, and really allows everyone and anyone with a phone to be creative. Videos include everything from planned skits to overheard conversations, and underneath the hours of cringe lies a comedy gold mine. 

People always get tattoos of iconic cultural moments, so why should Tik Tok be any different? With amazing quotes and visuals, they are just begging to be inked by someone.

"Steve! Stop!" has all of the makings of a great tattoo- a cat, a cat with a human name, and a cat doing whatever the fuck he wants. If someone could get a cat tattoo with a person screaming "Steve Stop!" you can DM it to our Twitter

A remix to better your next lyric tattoo.

Not one but two iconic quotes from this Tik Tok- BRB getting the number 127 and baby Yoda tattooed on my lip.

"As you can see, I need help."

"Diamond Queen" with a pair of kickass legs in some fishnets = a dope tattoo.

"They ain't found me yet, but when they do they gonna be surprised" is both philosophical and stupid, perfect tattoo material. 

"The birds work for the Bourgeoisie." 

"Byeee" with a trampoline is *chef's kiss* impeccable tattoo material. 

Not really a quote, but Gerald is so cute and weird- plus people love tattoos of wacky cats

A rabbit with "Fat Bitch" in a beautiful font is just what you need to impress your mom this holiday season!

Would you ever get a tattoo inspired by a meme? Or is the whole idea of Tik Tok ridiculous to your in general?