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TikTok is a short video social media platform that was first launched by ByteDance in 2017. However, it took stride in fall of 2018, after merging with, going on to become the most downloaded app in the United States for October of 2018. TikTok is currently dominated by Gen Z, with 41% of users between the ages of 16 and 24 and 33% of users under the age of 30. This means that for many of the app's users, they're too young to get tattooed.

However, this hasn't stopped many of TikTok's users from showing off new ink on the app. But, it's not what you think. Instead of getting real tattoos, teens are getting crafty with cutting edge semi-permanent designs. And they're 100% free.

Teens are making temporary tattoos by printing out their design of choice onto a plain sheet of paper, coating it in a layer of perfume, body spray, or hair spray (we believe this is done because of the alcohol in these products), then soaking their stencils in water for 2-5 minutes. Once the tattoos finish soaking, they apply another layer of perfume, press the tattoo firmly, and once ready, remove the stencil to show a cool temporary design. Take a look at the videos in the gallery below to see some of TikTok's temporary tattoos in action, then let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions on this story in the comments section.