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Reddit’s tattoo subreddit holds great tattoos... and great tattoo fails. Within the threads, there are also interesting discussions that hold in-depth, unbiased and unfiltered opinions. A recent Reddit Discussion asked the tattoo artists of the Reddit community, “What pieces are you tired of doing?”


It started positive, noting that everyone is allowed to get whatever they want on their body, but many pointed out how surprising it is how happy people are to get the same tattoo as everyone else. One poster started off saying, “Totally agree about tattoos being far more common and with far less stigma attached... I just feel bad for the poor artists who have to churn out the same motif again and again haha.”

Many took part in the discussion, revealing the top 10 tattoos tattoo artists are sick of doing.


“Squashed Sideways 8s”

“I worked at a receptionist in a tattoo studio in Scotland and holy shit, people just want pocket watches and roses.. and infinity symbols. We once had someone ask for the "squashed sideways 8" that all of her friends had.” - Chonksaway


“Hey everyone, I travel too!”

“My artist said he was sick of Longitude Latitude coordinates of their home towns,” posted CJM_cola_cole. Irstattempt2 commented, “But, how will the Uber driver know where to drop them off??”

“I am one with the ocean… although I’ve never sailed.”

“Nautical sleeves. I'm from an island and fuck is it brutal trying to make it "unique" when every fifth person has one. Anchors, compasses, maps etc. Feathers and pocketwatches are close seconds” - unaria77


Double_Joseph replied, “See this is my problem. I actually work on ships. So I really want to get a nautical tattoo of some sort, but I feel so many people have them and they don't even work in the industry.” NinaLaPirat suggested old-school sailor flash, in a Sailer Jerry style, saying, “As a fellow maritime worker, here's some old school sailor tattoos. I'm currently working on a mermaid/reef design that I'll hopefully get started on this year.”


“It’s an anchor because I’m a burden”

"Its an anchor to symbolize I can't be held down" protested some, where SadlyReturndRS commented, "Nothing goes down faster than an anchor." dragon_bacon pointed out: “If we don't count your mother, sure.”


King and Queen of Basic

“Fucking crowns omg do I fucking hate crowns... with that being said... I did one tonight.” -hazard0666

Yellowbubble7 said a crown should only be acceptable if they were a dentist that wanted a dental crown tattoo.


This Generation’s Tribal

85on31 said, “Mine told me he is refusing to do anymore forests around someone's arm.”

MadameHootsALot added they enjoy seeing them, but hypothesize that it will be this generation’s tribal tattoo.”

Don’t Pin That...

“Basically anything from Pinterest. Bird silhouettes, live laugh love, infinity symbols, etc”

And oh god… don’t forget the tried and true carpe diem lettering.


Butt Butterflies

“My grandpa is an artist and so I showed him this post , and immediately he said ‘butterflies on a obese persons lower back, I can’t tell you how many of those fuckers I drawn over stretch marks’ yikes.” - adultery_adolescence

"Well, if he was here, he would too."

The "Only God Can Judge Me” tattoo was mentioned, with roasting replies including, “yeah, but we are.”



Jbanno33 says “I’m tired of tattooing a Fox sequence that begins at a mans ankle and shows the fox running around and up the mans leg and then having to tattoo the fox’s tail coming out of his B- hole!!!” An equally surprised poster, Yet_Another_Banana : “This is frequent?”

Jbanno33: “All the time!”

Macevans3: “You're kidding, right? Right??”



Blyatman95, who added to the discussion in his own way, commented: “When I was getting my admittedly rather generic tattoo done on my chest, which i didn’t feel the artist was particularly into but hey he was polite enough, we heard the receptionist say “look we’d never do that and if you phone back we’re calling the police”.

Some dude had phoned up and asked if they’d tattoo a naked, crying little girl on his back...then told the receptionist she was a pussy when she said no.”