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"Too Hot to Handle" is currently dominating Netflix right now, following in the success of other reality shows introduced by the streaming platform such as "The Circle" and "Love is Blind." This show has several contestants fans might recognize outside of the tropical villa, such as Matthew Smith who competed on season 21 of "America's Next Top Model" in 2014, Harry Jowsey who appeared on season one of New Zealand's "Heartbreak Island," and Sharron Townsend, who made a minor appearance on "Love & Hip-Hop."

However, not all of these reality contestants gained notoriety from appearing on other TV shows. For Francesca Farago, she gained a following on Instagram after being romantically linked to Grammy winning DJ Diplo. According to The Sun, Diplo and Farago became romantically linked after the pair shared a DJ booth together several years back. Farago even admitted that she has a tattoo for Diplo on the inside of her lip.

Farago is currently in a relationship with "Too Hot to Handle" costar Harry Jowsey and during the show, the pair were deducted the most prize money out of the cast for hooking up. According to Jowsey, they even lost $6,000 in prize money for a blow job. Despite currently being an item, Farago and Jowsey aren't able to hang out face to face because of COVID-19—with Farago quarantined in Vancouver and Jowsey in Australia. Diplo has dated a number of female musicians over the years, including Katy Perry and M.I.A, as well as model turned DJ Chantal Jeffries—who he was spotted with in Mexico just a few months back.

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