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On September 18th, Toosii released his latest album, "Poetic Pain" through South Coast Music Group. Toosii has been extremely busy in 2020, dropping three albums thus far, including "Platinum Heart," which reached the number one spot on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart. The album features an impressive 17 tracks, including his smash hit "Love Cycle" with Summer Walker. We caught up with Toosii to learn the meaning behind his poetic pain and how he put together this album during a pandemic.

What went into putting together this album?

Honestly, with this album, it was a lot of work but it all came out of the same grace. Now we’re finally here and everything is good.

Where did the album's title come from?

I named the album “Poetic Pain” because it fit who I was as a person. When I titled it “Poetic Pain,” I didn’t want anyone to look at the word poetic and think of love. What I mean by “Poetic Pain” was the feeling that it gives and everything that I come from. It’s pain music, but it will feel like poetry.

What went into creating the single “Love Cycle” with Summer Walker?

Summer Walker and I were on tour together and we had somewhat of a relationship. “Love Cycle” was already out and I was performing it on tour. When it came time for someone to get on it, we started thinking about someone who would be best to fit this song and we went with Summer Walker.

What about your single “Right Now?”

“Right Now” is more uptempo, something to get them turnt and get them lit. It’s a side of me that people haven’t really seen yet. It’s definitely going to be something big and it’s one of my favorites off the album.

What are some of your other favorite songs from the album?

I like “Euphoria.” There’s also a song on there called “Don’t Tell” and it’s about sexual assault. That’s one of my favorite songs because of the meaning and the message that it gets across. I want it to stick in and touch everyone who listens to it.

How did you record this album in a pandemic?

I actually recorded it at home, so the process was quick. I’d wake up, go downstairs and record in my kitchen. We put together the songs we liked best and that’s what we went with.

What do you hope your fans will take away from this album?

That I’m a diverse artist and I’m different from other artists. I’m Toosii and I’m here to stay.

So far, this is your third album of 2020. What made you decide to release so many projects?

Honestly, I’m trying to release five next year. I’m trying to keep on.