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Roses and tattoos have a lot in common. They're both incredibly beautiful. For both, the good ones tend to cost a lot of money. The only real difference is that if you're careful you can handle a rose with drawing blood, good luck trying to get a bloodless/painless tattoo. 

Travis Barker is no stranger to tattoos and now, thanks to some fine line work by Dr. Woo, he's no stranger to roses either. 

When you're as covered in tattoos as Barker is, it's hard to find spots to fit a little work in. Dr. Woo was able to find a spot on Barker's sideburn, giving the world-renowned drummer a gorgeous rose on the side of his face. 

Despite being nearly covered, Barker has found a way to get a bunch of new tattoos this year. Back in July, Chuey Quintanar inked a spiderweb onto Barker's kneecap. It may seem odd that someone as tattooed as Barker still had such prime real estate left. As Barker explained to us in a 2012 interview, he had his legs tattooed prior to surviving a horrific plane crash.

“All of my first tattoos were gone after that plane crash and my skin grafts,” Barker told Inked. “So I have a second chance to do my legs all over again, which is kind of cool for that to come out of a bad situation.”

Barker has had a very busy year. Not only has he worked on projects with the likes of MGK, KennyHoopla and Jxdn, but Blink-182 is also looking to put out new music by the end of the year/early 2021. Honestly, it's a minor miracle that Barker is able to sit still long enough to get any of these tattoos. But, as you can see, this rose by Dr. Woo was well worth slowing down for.