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Elkbjern, also known as Louis, is a gamer from Northland who spends his time live-streaming his plays on Twitch. The "about" section on the Elkbjern homepage describes Louis as "a strong independent man" who "loves my beard and my girlfriend." 

In a recent stream, Louis decided to take a serious plunge into his Twitch career by allowing his audience to pay $10 for the chance of their comment getting picked as Louis' newest piece of ink. Louis gave some guidelines to the audience like no swearing or offensive language, but other than that the choices were basically a free-for-all.

Now, like many things, tattoos are normally best thought out with plenty of time to plan and prep. Louis decided that he wanted tattoos from his commenters though, which meant requiring his artist to tattoo on the fly and free handed—no preplanning or stencils could be using during this session. After about an hour of tattooing, there came a dreaded comment.

Streamer forehead00 popped into the chat, "is it missing an 'a' from the cake or am I seeing wrong?"

Forehead00 wasn't seeing wrong, and the entire awkward exchange of having to tell a tattoo artist that a letter is missing from your tattoo was streamed live. Everyone took the mistake in stride though, and the "a" was added with a goofy and messy insert symbol—very much resembling the homework of most first graders. 

Ultimately there was no harm no foul from the stream—viewers got to see a fun dude get silly tattoos and Louis got some clout!