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Over the years, rappers have continued to ornament their necks and faces in tattoos. Tyga, is no exception. Tyga has an extensive tattoo collection, which decorates his arms, legs and of course, neck. His latest and greatest tattoo pushes the envelope even further, as it's on the side of his face.

This tattoo was created by Ganga, a go-to tattooer working in Los Angeles. Ganga has a lengthy list of celebrity clientele, which includes Nicky Jam, Post Malone, Travis Barker, Jason Derulo, Lil Pump and Chris Brown.

"We didn't know what he wanted to do, so I proposed him that simple and fast tattoo," Ganga says of the word "King" written on the side of Tyga's face in Old English lettering. "I like those letters and that area a lot. It was a very chill and comfortable experience. There were only a few of us in the room."

Tyga's tattoo is likely an homage to his son, King Cairo Stevenson, who was born in October 2012. What do you think of Tyga's new tattoo? Would you get a tattoo on the side of your face? Let us know your thoughts on Tyga's tattoo in the comments section on social media.